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G4 Ready!

Our team will help you define the standards of your sustainability report and how to maximize your CSR corporate value through a consistent and reliable sustainability measurement, training, accompaniment and verification, based on your specific requirements.

GRI G4 Workshops

Training for the preparation of sustainability reports using the GRI methodology, for those new to GRI and those interested in refining their knowledge and skills. You will learn how to apply and implement the newest GRI G4 guidelines in a reporting process that complies with international standards and enhances corporate value.

Accompaniment in the GRI Reporting Process

We work with organizations to facilitate their reporting process, especially during the most critical stages such as the definition of materiality and stakeholder dialogue and consultation. We can work with your team to provide both broad and targeted assistance to your reporting process, understanding the key sustainability issues for your sector or industry, and understanding the most effective ways to apply the GRI methodology.

Advisory in Integrated Reporting

We help you generate an integrated or annual report considering sustainability performance, recommending the best way to communicate risks and opportunities. We accompany you in the generation of the integrated report considering the last IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council) guidelines.

Corporate GRI Workshops

Implemented specifically for staff from distinct areas such as human resources, supply chain, environmental departments, CSR/Sustainability committees and/or the management or leadership teams of an organization, ES Global's GRI Corporate workshop engages the rich participation and integration of the different perspectives in the reporting process.

Migration from G3.1 to G4 Reporting

We provide advisory services to incorporate the changes of the GRI G4 guidelines to your reporting process. The new G4 guidelines, with a renewed emphasis on materiality, offer a flexible, effective, targeted approach to sustainability reporting that will allow you and your team to really focus on what is important and where it is important!


In line with GRI’s suggestion, ES Global offers Assurance/Verification services for your GRI reports. As a Certified Trainer in the the GRI methodology, we have deep experience in the interpretation of Indicators and the understanding of materiality as key components of the Assurance/Verification process.