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Just good business

A company that is weak on both values and commercial competence is simply a bad business. One that has strong values but is badly run, without proper attention to translating values into profits, will plainly not do well. In contrast, a company that is highly competent commercially but does not bother with corporate responsibility may work just fine, but it could also prove increasingly risky. Lastly a combination of strong commitment to CSR and strong commercial competence gives a good chance of success. The Economist Feb 2008.

The business case for sustainability continues to prove itself, not just in terms of reputation but more and more in terms of cost savings, innovation and employee engagement and retention.  For the first time, a survey on sustainability published by McKinsey in March 2013 showed cost savings to slightly outrank reputation enhancement as the motivation for sustainability efforts.  The case beyond reputation is building for many firms.

ES Global works with organizations to understand their sustainability materiality, how they compare with their competitors and the interests and needs of their stakeholders in order to develop a sustainability strategy that adds value.   Ask for more information about our Clear & Simple components and process.