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Sustainability Reporting Solutions

ES Global is a certified GRI G4 trainer for Hispanic America. We have trained hundreds of executives from dozens of companies supporting their sustainability capacity needs particularly in sustainability reporting…

With over 15 years’ experience bridging emerging & developed country markets, gives ES Global unparalleled understanding of what constitutes good sustainability reporting.

In addition to being a certified trainer for the GRI, we have provided sustainability evaluations for leading multinational companies and multilateral institutions such as the United Nations, World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank.

We offer a host of sustainability reporting and training services including….

Certified GRI training

  • Individual – 2 day course with certified GRI content with telling and inspiring Latin American case studies
  • Corporate – 2 day course with certified GRI context with customized content for company and sector.
  • Association – 2 day course with certified GRI content customized for sector interests.

Sustainability Report Development ES Global can help your company publish a world class sustainability report. Whether you are producing your first or tenth report, along with our communications partners, ES Global is a leader in GRI report development.

Assured! Sustainability Report Assurance Based on our leading sustainability training and sustainability evaluation experience, ES Global and its assurance partners provide rigorous and comprehensive assurance services.