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Brand Value!

CSR Brand Value System.

Brands and corporate brand are vital assets that can contribute significantly to the future economic benefits of any company. 

A small but not insignificant portion of a company's corporate brand value or the value of any one of its brands is increasingly linked to its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reputation.  The need for effective CSR is rapidly becoming a prominent part of the landscape of business opportunities and risks and can greatly affect any brand.

Brand Value! Benefits

  • Improves brand & CSR architecture
  • Improves brand & CSR portfolio management
  • Improves brand & CSR marketing strategy
  • Improves capital allocation
  • Enhances management capacity to evaluate brand & CSR performance
  • Improves brand management & CSR policy 

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of brand value in a competitive environment, enhances management insights into how consumers perceive a brand or a corporation and how that can translate into greater economic value and returns to any company.

Our Brand Value!™ system helps clients discover and build upon hidden CSR value by quantitatively assessing CSR contributions to your company. Our internationally informed best practice CSR experts an analysts will assess current and potential returns, corporate value enhancement and impacts of your company's CSR brand value.