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Engage! is the world's first stakeholder management system to combine the strength of conventional stakeholder management with the power of quantitative analytics.

Engage! Helps companies gauge and measure stakeholder expectations over the short- and long-term, making strategic planning and engagement programs more efficient and, more importantly, more effective.

Engage! is an excellent tool for almost any type of company or organization. Engage! is ideal for consumer product, finance, utilities, and health providers with multiple stakeholders. It is also a powerful tool for companies with complex stakeholder group relations such as those in the extractive, biomedical, food, and energy industries. Engage is also ideal for governments, foundations, large community and international organizations.

Engage! Benefits

Improves stakeholder programs

  • More accurate stakeholder identification
  • More precise stakeholder interest prioritization
  • More satisfied stakeholders
  • Improved social and environmental impacts
  • Provides quantities basis for planning
  • Stronger stakeholder risk management
  • Flexible for customized needs

Engage! Mapping

Using a scorecard approach, Engage! Mapping identifies your company’s internal and external stakeholders and their interests, providing vital input to strategic stakeholder management.

And because not all stakeholders or stakeholder issues are equal, Engage! Mapping employs statistical techniques to weight the relative importance of each stakeholder and stakeholder issue relative to a company’s business and sustainability objectives.

Engage! Mapping reporting feature presents findings in simple graphic and tabular form cross tabulated by any number of stakeholder characteristics like geographic location, client ethno-graphic/psychographic profiles, client type, business unit, product or service use.

Engage! Analytics

Engage! Analytics assesses stakeholder expectations over the short and long term using advanced branding and marketing data survey techniques.

Engage! Analytics polls stakeholders on a company's social, environmental, and business objectives and performance expectations. Responses can be shown in absolute terms or can be weighted by a stakeholder group's relative importance to a organization as determined by Engage! Mapping. Weighting improves risk metrics analysis and increases strategic planning effectiveness.

Engage! Analytics can employ a wide range of "information point" variables drawn from internationally accepted sustainability reporting systems and/or can be entirely customized to a company's specific needs.

Engage! Stakeholder Management

Is a stakeholder management consulting service which brings stakeholders together in meaningful dialogue through strategic engagement programs. Engage! Stakeholder Management customizes consulting services to the needs of each client and helps them to design, develop, manage, and/or evaluate stakeholder processes and programs.