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Assess Materiality!

Assess Materiality!™ Is a cost-effective service designed to identify material social, economic, and environmental issues and boundaries representing core organizational sustainability challenges and risks.

Assess Materiality!™ Can be applied as a part of the GRI G4 sustainability report development process or can be used to assess and recalibrate organizational sustainability strategy.

Pressure by local and international stakeholders for greater sustainability performance will increasingly focus on the greatest organizational impacts. No longer will companies be able to offset material impacts through attention to/remediation of nonmaterial impacts.

Assess Materiality! is based on the GRI indicators and a proprietary scoring system developed with over 20 years of CSR, sustainability and ESG performance evaluation.


Assess Materiality Benefits 

  • Identifies Material Aspects for GRI G4 Sustainability Report
  • Define Sustainability/CSR Performance
  • Identifies Sustainability Risks and Opportunities
  • Cost-effective strategy evaluation

CSR/Sustainability Strategy

Our internationally informed best practice CSR experts and analysts will assess current and potential returns, corporate value enhancement and impacts of your company’s CSR investments. 

Assess Materiality will

  • Identify material sustainability indicators
  • Provide direction for GRI G4/sustainability reports
  • Identify organizational sustainability performance
  • Identify performance-enhancing investments, activities and processes