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CSR Management & Project Design

Strategic! is a cost effective  workshop designed to provide Executives  and  Managers with the most advanced and proven best practice CSR strategies that maximize returns, corporate value enhancement and impacts on CSR investments.

Strategic! CSR begins with an assessment of your company’s CSR investment, returns, corporate value enhancement and impacts. From there, participants complete a series of intense and dynamic exercises resulting in a conceptual CSR strategy, ready for full development. 


Strategic! Benefits

  • Develops CSR strategic plans
  • Enhances CSR strategic impacts
  • Provides international best practice CSR training
  • Offers practical case study-based training for real and immediate  day to day operational impact
  • Cost effective

Led by Marc de Sousa-Shields, a noted international expert in CSR and social investment. Strategic! helps participants craft CSR strategies designed to maximize profit, corporate value, and impacts. Our workshop is tailored to small groups with participants from one or several companies.

Marc can bring Strategic! to your company in a one or two day seminar. He is also available for keynote speeches at your company events.  Marc’s engaging, dynamic and lively approach inspires action through rigorous evidence and experiential stories that demonstrate the business case and the need for a more strategic, embedded, and better CSR strategy.