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Process to define the best path towards a highly effective CSR in 5 steps.

You know your company needs more and better CSR initiatives, but…

Compass! Benefits

  • Recognize current CSR/Sustainability management
  • Know your competitors’ CSR activities
  • Identify your needs of information
  • Identify your needs of communication with stakeholders
  • Analysis of the companies’ sustainability report

Compass! Steps

  • Poll/survey of the companies’ needs based in GRI & ISO26000
  • Analysis of the sustainability report
  • Benchmark against 3 – 4 competitors
  • Needs participative workshop
  • Report on CSR needs

Compass! Deliverables

  • Results of needs poll/survey
  • Analysis of the sustainability report
  • Benchmark summary
  • Report on CSR needs

Where to start?

There are a lot of opportunities to generate value in CSR which should be considered to move strategically?

Compass! Answers these questions and more

  • What are our actual sustainability priorities?
  • Do we have enough information on environmental performance?
  • What does management expect from us? What type of engaging do we need with our stakeholders? What is the competition doing?
  • How well are we reporting our sustainability?
  • Do we have a structure for CSR management?
  • Do we have enough internal communication?
  • What sustainability policies do we need? What are the boundaries and influence of our supply chain?