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Sustainability Reporting

A sustainability report is a must for any leading national or international firm.  But few sustainability reports contribute to building, let alone maximizing the value that they can create…

A sustainability [TdSS1] report can create massively improved business performance and is an essential component to any serious corporate sustainability management system or strategy.

Nothing else provides senior management the knowledge and metrics to understand and act upon the social, economic and environmental challenges that provide material risk or potential opportunity to their company.

While much attention is focused on public transparency and accountability, a vital purpose of reporting is to better inform managers to make robust decisions in a business context where financial and non-financial challenges are increasingly becoming interdependent.


In the most general terms sustainability reports must:

  • Detail an organization’s competitive positioning in the emerging sustainability space
  • Detail organizational initiatives and impacts related to social, human and natural capital
  • Relate sustainability to financial capitals risks and opportunities.


A well-structured and credible report provides a platform for company to confidently engage with stakeholders, setting parameters around a set of reasonable expectations, lowering risk and increasing the odds for meaningful and mutually beneficial interaction.

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