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Sustainability Performance Solutions

Does your company define and track sustainability performance? If not, you should know that firms that do track diagnostic almost always outperform those which do not.  The fact is that performance assessment is a fundamental preparatory building block for maximizing sustainability value creation.  But as Babe Ruth, the famous American baseball player once noted, “Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.”  It is fundamental to maintain ongoing dialogue with your interest groups and undertake regular scans of your business environment.

Excellent and timely diagnostics are key to sustainability value creation. For over 15 years ES Global has worked to develop a leading sustainability performance measurement practice

ES Global offers performance analytics measuring different aspects of sustainability performance from overall value creation, stakeholder value add and risk, supply chain assessments, to specific environmental, social and economic key performance indicators.

Our team has measured sustainability performance and impact for major national and multinational companies, as well as some of the largest development institutions in the world including the United Nations and the World Bank.

We know effective diagnostic measurement requires balancing the merits and costs of indicators. 

For this reason we have developed a suite of three analytical services, each of which meeting different analytics client needs.

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