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Sustainability Strategy Solutions

Waiting until a market trend is proven is seldom a successful strategy. By design or disaster, this is the Sustainable Century

Companies that will thrive are those that not only require fewer input materials – water, energy, packaging etc. ( Big Four) --  but also those that collaborate with key stakeholders and supply chain partner to maximize positive sustainability impacts and value creation. 

A recent study by Deloitte  found that simply discussing sustainability with supply chain partners increased sustainability value creation more than 40%. Over 60% of those polled in a recent Ernst & Young survey reported  sustainability helped to address corporate risk. McKinsey reported that for the first time ever, cost savings emerged as the number one erason to engage in sustainability activities.

With over 20 years of experience bridging emerging and developed country markets, ES Global has unparalleled depth in sustainability strategy advisory both for firms operating in emerging and developing country markets as well as national firms seeking to operate internationally.

Sustainability Strategy Clear & Simple is a simple and cost effective means to create a dynamic stakeholder  input rich sustainability strategy based on solid diagnostics, performance measures, and competitive positioning needs.